Application Domain definition: 'A mechanism to isolate executed software applications from one another so that they do not affect each other. '

Presentation Display of information in a user interface.

Facts, Thoughts and Opinions

Agile Manifesto

(While there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.)

Conway’s Law

A software system will reflect the organizational structure of the team developing the software. If the development team does not communicate well then the components of the software system will likely also not communicate well.

Gordon Bradley's Law

Software evolves or dies.

Humphrey’s Law

Users do not know what they want until they see working software. As users interact with a new software system they become more knowledgeable about system potential and functionality. The iterative review and suggestion process leads to further unpredictable discoveries.

Ziv's Law

Software development is unpredictable and that specifications and requirements will never be fully understood. When you are creating something new, regardless of the amount of similarity to what has been created before, it is impossible to be certain of all the needs and constraints. We can forecast with varying degrees of accuracy, and should caveat all forecasts with a degree of certainty, but we really cannot predict precisely all the functional and non-functional requirements.


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