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Coercive Persuasion re Marriage

The seismic and manufactured public opinion “shift” on same sex marriage in the past several of years is a glaring example of how coercive persuasion works. As people become increasingly fearful of expressing a heretofore innocuous understanding of marriage as a man-woman institution, they silence themselves and thereby fuel the opposing agenda. The threat of isolation — labeling, shunning, and firings — is a powerful motivator because human survival is tied to it.

Forced sterilization

"Three generations of imbeciles are enough." SCOTUS justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, upholding forced sterilization of inmates.

Homosexuality in nature?

1) Animals engage in all kinds of inhuman behaviors, so to say, “Animals do it,” proves nothing. The one thing certain is that the animal world is driven by heterosexual reproduction.

2) Animals do not date or get married, so the only comparison that gay activists can make is to sexual behavior, and we are constantly told that homosexuality is not simply a matter of sex.

3) Same-sex animal behavior can be explained in other ways than “sexual orientation,” including acts of dominance.

Let it go

We need to let go of DOMA, Prop 8, and our court losses. All of these rulings are travesties against democracy and representative government, but they are done and we need to move on. We need to shift focus to getting government out of marriage, and going on the counteroffensive against the forces of evil in our culture.

On Sex, Sexual Orientation and Sexual Activism

Sex has two components: procreative and unitive.

Homosexual sex is not procreative, and I would argue that it is not unitive either. Penis-in-vagina sex results in the exchange of bodily fluids and risks on both parts. Many forms of homosexual sex do not do this.

I hold out hope that extramarital sexual activity will someday be treated with the same seriousness that we accord to alcohol consumption.

People with sexual or gender orientation or identity issues need love, not tolerance; counseling, not coddling; redemption, not accommodation.

On social policy

The social conservative recognizes that sound moral and social policy are necessary for a society to be healthy and thrive. The liberal and the libertarian seek to ignore the consequences of loose and tolerant social policy, primarily for personal gratification.

Sexual activism and diversity

Sexual activists seek to destroy the natural, gender-specific, differences between men and woman. The result is a hermaphroditic understanding of reality. Ironically, this view destroys diversity and contributes to a global movement to equalize and neutralize all things (religion, government, etc.) Unity (two people becoming one) and diversity (a husband and a wife) are held in perfect balance in traditional marriage.

SSM Destroys the Special Meaning of "Husband" and "Wife"

The legal recognition of same-sex marriage destroys the concepts of "husband" and "wife." In forcing the legalization of same-sex marriage in California, the California Supreme Court decreed that all marriages would have the respective parties designated as “party A” and “party B.” That ruling was a result of the Court’s acknowledgement that it could afford by statute domestic partnerships all the rights and privileges of marriage but not labels similar to “husband” and “wife.” The elevation of same-sex marriage to that of traditional marriage, combined with the use of random nomenclature to designate parties in marriage, absorbs and reduces time-honored roles of husbands and wives into a morass of meaningless linguistic jargon.


A response I sent to Chicks on the Right regarding this post.

So you are endorsing the increasingly-popular notion that the Republican Party must tell social conservatives in order to get lost to win? News flash: Science and technology have caught up with the pro-life movement, turning millions of Americans against abortion to some degree. I fully believe that science and technology will also validate the opposition to sexual activism. Already there is sufficient evidence to proclaim that the Sexual Revolution was a disaster for this country. The conventional wisdom wants us to discard the social movements precisely because without them, the radical transformation of our society proceeds without opposition and with free disregard of science or empirical evidence.

But by all means, tell the 30 million social and religious conservatives to shut up and get with the program. They won't shut up — true conviction never does — but they will grow tired of the partisan process. Mitt Romney lost because the GOP played the milquetoast game, not because it was "too conservative." With Republicans like these, who needs them? At least the Democrats are known quantities.

What our movement really needs right now is a unifying leader in the mold and spirit of Ronald Reagan. One who stands unwaveringly on a foundation of principle, yet communicates those principles boldly and clearly. There was none in the presidential race of 2012. And that's probably because our higher powers realized that we needed to learn these lessons the hard way.