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Unwanted occupancy

Claim: The unborn baby occupies their mother's body against the will of the mother. Thus the mother has the right to remove the unwanted "parasite" from her body.

This is one of the most self-centered attitudes that one can have about pregnancy and the unborn.

Parasites, by definition, aren't supposed to be in the organisms they inhabit. Parasites, by definition, harm their hosts, taking resources from their carriers without giving anything in return.

Parasites come from without. Hosts do not produce their own parasites.

Research has shown that cells from the unborn child can actually help heal the mother from illnesses. Parasites usually don't provide any sort of benefit to the host.

Pregnancy is not a disease.

The unborn child did not choose to be conceived. Just because someone's presence is not wanted does not give the affected party the right to kill them.

Some argue that abortion is more like eviction. That logic gives a parent the right to abandon a child or refuse to provide for a child on any ground the parent maintains.

It is hypocritical for a woman to use this argument if she is the result of an unwanted pregnancy. See the "human right" argument.


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