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Dealing with Someone who Resists Change

How to fail:

  • Argue with them.
  • Condescend to them.
  • Preach to them.
  • Assume change is free.

How to succeed:

  • Listen.
  • Change for the right reasons.
  • Try a time-box.
  • Allow them to choose an alternate path.
  • Recognize slient resistors.
  • Talk about fears.
  • Appeal to nobler motives.
  • Get them to say "yes."
  • Inspire them.

Ground Rules for Change

  1. Change is emotional.
  2. Everyone's point of view is valid, and it is informed by their value system.
  3. People resist being changed.

On Management

Five facts about becoming a new manager:

  • New managers have no idea what they are getting into.
  • Being a great engineer, developer or programmer has nothing to do with being a great manager of engineers, developers, or programmers.
  • New managers are never prepared for the transition.
  • New managers don't get much support during the transition.
  • New managers have to deal with new types of people.

Real Reasons Someone Resists Change

  • They just refuse to embrace change.
  • They don't like the person trying to make them change.
  • They don't understand the object of change.
  • They don't like the object of change.
  • They think the object of change is a fad.
  • They think the object of change is just another big initiative with high cost and unproven return.
  • Fear of loss: job, position, reputation, turf, influence, responsibility, expertise, autonomy, effectiveness, familiarity/routines, relationships, status, meaning, future/dreams/plans, identity.


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