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Culture and libertarianism

The problems facing the United States are primarily cultural in nature. Our culture has rejected character, virtue, sacrifice and restraint. Instead, our culture emphasizes personality, consumption, and self-gratification. The libertarian does not get this, largely because his primary desires are self-gratification, consumption and personal validation.

Human Rights versus Libertarian "Rights"

The right to life is the fundamental human right. The human being who is not allowed to live cannot exercise any other purported human right, including those of individual liberty. Therefore, one's political orientation must concern the right to life before all other causes, including the defense of liberty.

This is the fundamental flaw of libertarianism: The rights of others trump the rights that the libertarian affords to himself. The human right of the unborn child to be born and build trumps the mother's libertarian "right" to abort the child. The human right of each person to be raised by a father and mother trumps the libertarian "right" to bring children into single-parent or same-sex-parent households.

Ideology of Self

What do identity politics, socialism, statism, libertarianism and objectivism all have in common? Ultimately, the adherents of these ideologies care only about themselves, humanity in general be damned.

Life and libertarianism

One must live in order to exercise liberty. The pro-life movement understands this. The libertarian movement does not. When the libertarian movement finally figures this out, perhaps then it will enjoy the success that the pro-life movement enjoys.

On social policy

The social conservative recognizes that sound moral and social policy are necessary for a society to be healthy and thrive. The liberal and the libertarian seek to ignore the consequences of loose and tolerant social policy, primarily for personal gratification.

Paradox of libertarianism

Personally, I find libertarianism paradoxical. It styles itself as sort of a purer, more philosophically focused version of conservatism’s individual-liberty, limited-government ethos, but when it comes to some of the biggest areas where the two movements differ, rigorous application of objective principles seems to go out the window.


Why I am not a progressive or a libertarian.

On the right of life:
Progressives: Abortion is a human right; the right to be born doesn't exist.
Libertarians: Abortion is a human right; the right to be born doesn't exist.
Me: The right to life is the ultimate human right and the precursor of all other rights.

On sex:
Progressives: Sex should be sanitary, sterile and void of responsibility.
Libertarians: Sex should be sanitary, sterile and void of responsibility.

On fiscal responsibility:
Progressives: Fiscal responsibility is unnecessary.
Libertarians: Fiscal responsibility should magically happen in a socially-irresponsible society.

Social policy has economic consequences

Social policy has economic consequences. A society that tolerates abortion and arbitrary definitions of marriage will face a demographic winter with a small young population struggling to support a large elderly population. This is true whether charity is private and voluntary or imposed by the government. Yet libertarians choose to ignore this.

The libertarian contradiction on life

A pro-life consensus among self-described libertarians shouldn’t be complicated: "Just government protects the rights of individual people, and unborn babies are individual people; therefore, just government protects the rights of unborn babies." In practice, however, a significant percentage of libertarians don’t apply their principles to unborn humans, most likely because their exalted talk of freedom and individual rights is really only meant to protect the freedom to pursue their own interests.

Today's libertarians are tomorrow's socialists

Today's libertarians are tomorrow's socialists. Many are yesterday's conservatives, people of shallow faith and poor comprehension of history and moral philosophy. Tomorrow they will realize that it is easier to abandon what little principle they have left and sell out to the socialist elite.

“We don’t know if abortion is murder."

“We don’t know if abortion is murder, therefore let’s proceed as if it isn’t.” This is the exact opposite of how responsible ethics works. If we don’t know for sure whether abortion is murder, and there are serious-but-not-definitive reasons why it may be, then decency dictates we err on the side of caution and avoid abortion’s potential harm.


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