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Abortion is an inherent human right.

claim: 'Abortion is an inherent human right.'
response: "A small exercise of logic destroys this notion. Starting with this notion, it follows that the same claim also applies to the mother of the woman. However, if the mother of the woman who claims the right to an abortion had aborted that woman, she would not be able to exercise the right that she is claiming. Therefore, there are two possible logical conclusions: A woman does not have the right to abort her unborn child, or the right to abortion must be explicitly granted to a woman by her mother.\n\nThose who do not live cannot exercise any rights. But abortion is the termination of a human life. That is a fact of biology. Thus abortion is the willing denial of human rights—all human rights—by one human to another. How can abortion be a human right when it denies human rights to humans?"

Abortion re rights of children

“We have a sliding scale of rights. People get more rights as they become older over time. We don’t allow children to do certain kinds of things and so I think that that is part of that continuum.” Being born and living isn't one of those things we prevent children from doing. This argument ignores the fact that we restrict the rights of children for their own long-term welfare.

Brain activity

claim: 'Abortion is justifiable if the abortee has no brain activity.'
response: 'This argument limits the timeframe of legitimacy to a matter of a few weeks, but is a tantalizing and tempting argument. However, it fails in light of the fact that we speak of human rights, not "person rights." Human beings are entitled to equal treatment because they are human beings. The attempt to classify some human beings as less deserving of rights has led to numerous atrocities in human history.'

Human Rights versus Libertarian "Rights"

The right to life is the fundamental human right. The human being who is not allowed to live cannot exercise any other purported human right, including those of individual liberty. Therefore, one's political orientation must concern the right to life before all other causes, including the defense of liberty.

This is the fundamental flaw of libertarianism: The rights of others trump the rights that the libertarian affords to himself. The human right of the unborn child to be born and build trumps the mother's libertarian "right" to abort the child. The human right of each person to be raised by a father and mother trumps the libertarian "right" to bring children into single-parent or same-sex-parent households.

On abortion

The society that tolerates abortion on demand tells its members, "You do not have intrinsic rights as a human being. You have rights because people allow you to live and thus give you those rights."


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