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Ethics in Healthcare

Being created in the [image of God] endows every person with dignity—a dignity that is not derived from the majority’s opinion (or a government definition) about the quality of their life or their contribution to society. In the absence of this belief, every decision about the allocation of health care—and indeed about any area of life—becomes an occasion for the young and strong to impose their will on the old and weak.

Government and Healthcare

Get government out of healthcare altogether. Government wants people to be healthy only to continue to vote for it and fund it. If you are going to take more from "the system" than you will put it, government ultimately doesn't want you. Thus government will pay lip service to human rights but ultimately support abortion as well as euthanasia.

Mental health for all

  • Simplify the message.
  • Unpack complex mental health treatments into simpler components.
  • Deliver healthcare where the people are.
  • Use affordable and available human resources.
  • Reallocate specialists to train and supervise.

Mental health for all

Task-shifting not only improves healthcare for recipients; it also helps the trainees improve their own healthcare. It democratizes healthcare.


Government has only these interests in the healthcare of the governed:

  • Bribing the governed to ensure the votes of the governed;
  • Keeping the producers healthy enough to provide tax revenue to the government;
  • Terminating those who are net consumers of resources.

Given these facts, the free person should completely reject the participation of the government in his healthcare.


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