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Definition of marriage and government recognition of such

The redistribution of marriage rights modifies your marriage as a natural entity afforded legal recognition. Marriage is a naturally occurring relationship. The state does not create marriage but is to create complimentary environments in which martial life is legally recognized and protected. Redefining marriage by legal fiat changes this point of reference. It shifts the legal posture of the state from recognizing a preexisting institution to creating the institution after its own image and likeness. The state becomes the originator of your marriage.1

State interest in marriage

Same-sex marriage will obfuscate the state’s interests in all marriages. As Justice O’Connor said in her concurring opinion in Lawrence v. Texas, “preserving the traditional institution of marriage” is a “legitimate state interest.”2 Such interests are predicated mainly in the fact that heterosexual couples can produce children which facilitates social order and the longevity of the state. State interest in marriage extends to the well-being of a child, for should a family fail to protect a child that responsibly can fall to the state. However, if marriage is to have any social value the social meaning of marriage must remain apparent and protected. For, “the contribution of family life to the conditions that develop and sustain long-term personal fulfillment and autonomy depends (among many other important factors) upon maintaining the family as a legally defined and structurally significant entity.”3 Anything less than preserving the traditional definition of marriage creates an imprecise relationship between the state and your marriage.

State interest in marriage

Same-sex marriage defeats the purpose of the state’s interest in marriage. Government bestows benefits on families with children to provide the normal and stable conditions for the birth and upbringing of those children. Same-sex marriage is not aimed at providing such conditions. Its chief purpose is the personal gratification of two individuals whose relationship is inherently barren.


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