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Domestic partnerships

By making domestic partnerships a matter of contract law, we can attack no-fault divorce. The law does not let you get out of any other kind of contract just because you don''t feel like being in it any more. Why do we tolerate this for marriage? At least by reinforcing that domestic partnership is a contract, we transform divorce into breach of contract.

On Sex, Sexual Orientation and Sexual Activism

Sex has two components: procreative and unitive.

Homosexual sex is not procreative, and I would argue that it is not unitive either. Penis-in-vagina sex results in the exchange of bodily fluids and risks on both parts. Many forms of homosexual sex do not do this.

I hold out hope that extramarital sexual activity will someday be treated with the same seriousness that we accord to alcohol consumption.

People with sexual or gender orientation or identity issues need love, not tolerance; counseling, not coddling; redemption, not accommodation.


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