Cross join definition: 'A join with no filtering condition; a complete Cartesian product between two tables.'
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Inner join definition: 'A join that contains only the product rows that match a condition.'
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Join definition: 'A Cartesian product between two tables that contains some or all of the contents of each of the source tables.'
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10 things you should know about NoSQL databases

Five advantages of NoSQL: Elastic scaling, big data, no need for DBAs, economics, flexible data models.
Five challenges of NoSQL: Maturity, support, analytics and business intelligence, administration, expertise.


Atomicity - Each transaction is "all or nothing": if one part of the transaction fails, the entire transaction fails, and the database state is left unchanged.
Consistency - Any transaction will bring the database from one valid state to another.
Isolation - Concurrent execution of transactions results in a system state that could have been obtained if transactions are executed serially.
Durability - Once a transaction has been committed, it will remain so, even in the event of power loss, crashes, or errors.

Database Tables

You should build as many [database] tables as you need, but no more.



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