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Activists and culture

Activists must learn how to call out and condemn the culture. We must accumulate the facts and reasons that support our cause, then learn how to package them and present them to the general public.

Cultural problem

Our problem is cultural. Our culture is governed by elites who reject the special place of humanity. They view humanity as the cause of all the planet's ills. Their standard answer is to reduce the number of people who live and force those who do live to enjoy a lower standard of living. (Of course, these elites, being the self-assessed intellectual and moral superiors of all humanity, are self-entitled to a high standard of living, reproduction at will, and power and control over the masses.)

Culture and libertarianism

The problems facing the United States are primarily cultural in nature. Our culture has rejected character, virtue, sacrifice and restraint. Instead, our culture emphasizes personality, consumption, and self-gratification. The libertarian does not get this, largely because his primary desires are self-gratification, consumption and personal validation.

Gun response

There is definitely something very wrong in our culture, and it isn't in the responsible gun culture. There are actually two gun cultures here—one of which promotes peace through responsible gun use, and one which is in a perpetual state of war. Our gun problems aren't the fault of the former. And the people who feed the latter refuse to take responsibility for their role in it; they are more likely to blame responsible gun owners for their woes than others in their community.

Response to Sandy Hook

Is [the Sandy Hook] tragedy going to change the way you look at the culture and society in which you live? Will you rethink spending an hour or two playing a first-person shooter? Will you reconsider watching that violent movie or TV show? Will you notice the dark and disturbing currents in popular culture? Will it bother you that a song about shooting people can become a #1 hit? Or will you just keep being a good consumer?


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