(assoc <hash> <key> <value> …) Add key-value pairs to a hash.

(count <vector>) Count the items in a vector.

(def <variable-name> <value>) Define a global variable.

(defmulti <name> <docstring?> <dispatch-fn>) Creates a new multimethod with the associated dispatch function.

(defn <name> <arguments> <value>) Define a global function.

(first <vector>) Return the first item from the vector.

(fn <arguments> <value>) Define an anonymous function.

(for <item-variable> <list> <function>) Apply a function to each element of a list. Returns the mapped list.

(get <hash> <symbol>) Get a value from a hash.

identity Returns its first parameter.

(if <condition> <true-value> <false-value>) Basic conditional.

(keys <hash>) Get a list of the keys from a hash.

(let <variable1> <value1> … <value>) Define one or more local variables.

(nil? <value>) Is a value nil.

(partition <width> <list>) Partition a list.

(println …) Output to standard output.

(shuffle <list>) Shuffle a list.

(vals <hash>) Get a list of the values from a hash.

(vec <list>) Convert a list into a vector.

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