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Christians are Culpable

Christians who complain about a lack of morality in modern American politics and government should probably remove the planks from their own eyes first. Christians stood idly by while the government usurped their role as the providers of charity; in fact, some applauded the takeover. The divorce rate among married Christian clergy is on par with the divorce rate of the general public. And individual churches ignored the needy and hurting in their own communities while evangelizing across the planet and building massive edifices in their names.

No writings from Jesus?

The fact that we don’t have any writings from Jesus, or that he didn’t handwrite the Bible on his own is not a big problem for Catholics. While the Bible is essential, it is not the only means of transmitting the Faith from one generation to the next. For this, Jesus established his Church, which St. Paul calls “the pillar and bulwark of the truth” (1 Tim 3:15). This is why Jesus chose his disciples and groomed them. They would be the method of transmission.


Obama does not have the authority to make law via executive order. Only Congress has the authority to make law. Obama uses the executive order power to do as he wishes. Likewise, the Bible is not the authority of Christianity; the church is. Christians who use the Bible to justify their beliefs and actions are basically creating their own religion in the process.


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