Currency Now Proficiency Advanced Intent to Use Definite


Title Start Date End Date Status


Skill Currency Proficiency Intent to Use
Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Intermediate Likely
Applications and Uses of Software Now Advanced Definite
Business Logic Now Advanced Definite
Cloud Computing Beginner Possible
Concurrent Programming Beginner Possible
Data Manipulation & Management Now Advanced Definite
Dependency Injection None Possible
Design Patterns 2012-06 June Intermediate Definite
Documentation Now Intermediate Definite
Dynamic Programming Beginner Possible
Enterprise Computing 2012-06-28 Intermediate Definite
File Formats Now Intermediate Definite
Frameworks, Programming Interfaces and Services Intermediate Definite
Information Architecture None None
Lambda Expressions 2012-06 June Intermediate Likely
Languages Now Expert Definite
Logging Intermediate Likely
Messaging 2012 Intermediate Possible
Methodologies Now Intermediate Possible
Mocking None Possible
Multithreaded Programming Beginner Possible
Reporting 2012-06 June Intermediate Possible
Rich Internet Applications (RIA) None Unlikely
Scripting 2012-08-07 Intermediate Definite
Software Architecture Intermediate Likely
Source Control Worley employment Intermediate Definite
Unit Testing Beginner Possible
User Experience (UX) None Possible
User Interfaces (UI) 2012 Intermediate Possible
Web Development 2012-08-06 Intermediate Possible

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Skill Currency Proficiency Intent to Use

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