I have worked with JavaScript for almost 15 years. Recently, I have increased my focus on JavaScript as I believe that it is the future of client-side development. I have 2 years experience with jQuery on personal and professional projects. I recently learned Angular and rewrote personal projects to use Angular. I am also learning Node.js. I can provide examples of personal projects that I have developed in JavaScript, jQuery and Angular.

Currency Now Proficiency Advanced Intent to Use Definite


Title Start Date End Date Status
Data Mocker 2014-08 Active
Tweetcloud 2010 Summer Active


Skill Currency Proficiency Intent to Use
AngularJS 2015 Intermediate Unlikely
Backbone.js None Unlikely
BreezeJS None Unlikely
jQuery Now Intermediate Definite
Knockout Trendsic employment Intermediate Definite
Node.js Now Intermediate Definite
Underscore.js GCR employment Intermediate Definite

Related Skills

Skill Currency Proficiency Intent to Use
Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) Worley employment Intermediate Definite
Express.js 2014-09 Beginner Likely
JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) Worley employment Intermediate Likely
SharePoint Client Object Model None Possible

Usage Notes