1%, the All people who are wealthier than you. (See "Rich.")

Affordable Paid for by someone else.

Antiquated Created hundreds of years ago by men of European heritage.

Bigot Someone who does things that I don't like and for that reason must be punished by law.

Civil liberty A right that I demand for myself.

Community Arbitrary group of people having a common trait, which allows me to treat them as homogenous and demand that they adhere to my views on the common trait.

Criminal 1) Holding views and opinions that I don't like. 2) Voting against the Democratic Party.

Dark ages A period of history marked by an absence of world powers. (Usage example: "Religion ruled the dark ages.")

Democracy Honoring my personal whim and governing according to my personal whim.

Do your job Do what I tell you to do.

Dreamer Illegal immigrant.

Equality Letting me do something that I want to do because someone else can do it.

Everybody The select few people who fit my anecdote of the moment.

Extremist 1) Someone who does things that I don't like and for that reason must be punished by law. 2) Conservative. 3) Religious.

Fake news News that presents facts that I don't like.

Fair share Vast majority. (Usage example: "The rich need to pay their fair share.")

Fascism 1) Holding a different opinion. 2) Support for Donald Trump's policies and governance.

Fetus A part of a woman's body subject to disposal at her personal whim.

Free speech Destruction of public or private property.

Gerrymander Apportion in a manner that I don't like.

Greed Making a profit.

Hate 1) Holding a different opinion. 2) Refusal to cater to one's personal whim.

Hate speech Expression of views or beliefs that one doesn't like.

Healthcare Health insurance.

Help the poor Give able-bodied people freebies so that they will vote for you.

Homophobia 1) Supporting any restrictions on sexual practice and activity. 2) Support for or holding beliefs and opinions that I don't like.

Human rights The rights that I demand for myself.

Identity The traits of one's being that should determine the person's political behavior.

Illegal Contrary to personal whim.

Invest Collect funds from individuals and distribute those funds to special interests.

Jihad Opposition to your position.

Liberty The antiquated notion that people be allowed to do things that I don't like.

Love Personal whim.

Majority Plurality.

Marriage An arbitrary agreement between two adults that can be entered into and dissolved according to "love." (Usage example: "Homophobes oppose marriage equality.")

Nazi 1) Holding views and opinions that I don't like. 2) Supporting or voting for Donald Trump.

Patriarchy Society and culture that promotes traditional values, the nuclear family and religious faith.

Poor Potential voters for the Democratic Party.

Pro-choice Supporting abortion on demand. (Does not imply support for the right to choose in any other areas.)

Progress Growth in the size or power of government.

Qualified Shares my views and opinions. (Usage example: "Hillary Clinton is the most-qualified person ever to be President.")

Reform Government takeover.

Religion Christianity in general; the Catholic Church in particular.

Religious dogma Belief or principle rooted in logic, reason, science or experience that conflicts with those of liberals.

Rich Having more money than you. (See "1%.")

Right to life The right to free, unfettered access to healthcare, abortion and other benefits, but not the right to exist and be born in the first place.

Racism 1) Opposition to Barack Obama's policies and governance. 2) Opposition to progressive policies and governance. 3) Holding beliefs and opinions that I don't like. 4) Being of European heritage.

Reproductive health/freedom Unlimited access to abortion.

Separation of church and state Government control over religion.

Sexism Opposition to abortion.

Social justice Enacting progressive policies.

Teabagger Someone who supports the Constitution and/or limited government; also someone who performs a certain sex act.

Terrorist Someone who does things that I don't like and for that reason must be punished by law.

Tolerance Letting me do what I want.

Uncle Tom A man of African heritage who doesn't support or vote for Democrats.

Undocumented In the United States without proper documentation, and thus equally or more deserving rights than American citizens.

Voter suppression Making sure only properly-registered living citizens vote.

Voting rights The right of non-citizens, the dead and felons to vote for Democrats.

War on women Opposition to abortion and/or contraception.

War criminal Someone who wages war and is not a Democrat.

White privilege Economic success resulting from doing things that I don't want to do (like work).

White supremacist Someone who holds opinions and positions that I don't like.

Working class Voters of the Democratic Party.

Zealot Adherent.