Wanted: A web-based application that helps a user save various forms of content and organize them by topics. Such an application will work just like the "topic:" category of this wiki (see an example or browse all of my topics).


  • Focuses on a small set of well-defined types of content: links, notes, images.
  • Would be extensible, so that new types of content (e.g. a Twitter tweet, a document on Google Drive) can be defined by linking to other applications.
  • Stored content can be public or private.
  • Content is social. Users can comment on public content.

Topic Paradigm

  • Content is organized and presented by topics.
  • A user can tag a particular piece of content with multiple topics.
  • Topics are universal. Thus all users "have" a particular topic, though each user's topic page will have different content.
  • Topic assignments are social. For each topic assignment on each item, a user can thumb-up or thumb-down. (Consider doing general emojis as Slack has.)

Adding Content

  • "Drop" content into the application (via a dropzone, context menu item, etc.).
  • Upon dropping the content into the application, have the application attempt to identify appropriate topics for classifying it.
  • Let the user assign topics to it at will.
  • Removed content isn't deleted from the user's account unless he explicitly removes it.

Presenting Content

  • Content is automatically organized by topics.
  • If a user has assigned an item to a topic, he automatically has a "board" or profile page for that topic.
  • A user can manage content from the topic page: drop new content onto it; remove content from it.

Sharing Content

  • Stored content can be public or private.
  • Topic pages can be public or private.
  • Share a public item on any of a number of means via API.
  • Sharing is a nice-to-have, but not the primary point of the application.


  • Get daily/weekly updates on favorite topics.

Similar Tools:

  • This wiki.
  • [http://start.me], particularly with Chrome extension (though you have to classify the link yourself and already have a board for it)
  • Pocket (but for more than just links, and with the ability to file content under topics)

Dissimilar Tools:

  • Evernote (more than just notes, content can cross topics, notebook metaphor is inappropriate)
  • Learnist (more about saving content for later as opposed to facilating consumption or sharing)
  • Knowledge- or story-board builders such as Mammoth.