This is my answer to the question on what my position is regarding sexual orientation and gender identity, and how I suggest that those who share my beliefs answer as well.

I am concerned about the health and well-being of all people whose sexual orientation or gender identity does not align with their anatomy. I am particularly concerned for those who experience unwanted deviations in sexual orientation or gender identity. I believe that those who claim to speak for the deviant individual are not interested in the health and well-being of the deviant individual, but rather want to use the deviant individual to attain power and wealth for himself. I believe that these individuals have the right to speak for themselves and not be considered part of some arbitrary "community" that may not represent their values.

I fully support the right of two consenting adults of sound mind to live their private life as they choose. I fully support the right of a consenting adult of sound mind to choose another adult, of his choice, to be his legal representative and his next of kin. I fully support the right of two consenting adults of sound mind to enter into a contract for the purposes of a domestic partnership, and that such contract is all that is of concern to government regarding their relationship.

What I do not support is the idea that the union of two men in "marriage," or the union of two women in "marriage," is same as the union of one man and one woman in "marriage." The sexual union is not the same. The sex acts performed by a man on another man, or those performed by a woman on another woman, cannot result in the creation of new life. Furthermore, because those sex acts, as well as similar sex acts performed by opposite-sex couples, cannot result in the creation of new life, those sex acts do not have the same unitive power as proper coitus. I recognize that proper coitus can be violent, and improper coitus can bring pleasure. That doesn't change my personal belief that the purpose of sex is to unify couples and produce children, and only proper coitus can do that.

Furthermore, I will stand with any individual or business who is compelled, by threat of physical violence or legal prosecution, to perform services or actions that conflict with his religion, moral code, or personal ethic. I believe that free association is an essential part of liberty. A society that compels any individual to perform actions or services against reasonable objections, or that forces an individual to participate in activities or events to which he has a reasonable objection, is inherently tyrannical; it cannot call itself a "free society." Our society contains many individuals who seek to compel others to comply with abhorrent standards. These individuals often cloak their tyranny in specious claims of "discrimination" and enforcements of "equality," "tolerance" or "diversity." Many of these parties have successfully used instruments of government against people of good faith, resulting in the destruction of businesses and the looting of personal wealth. Many of these parties even claim that the intent of their actions is to stop "bullying" as they engage in true bullying. I abhor this behavior and stand against it as a champion of life, liberty and morality.