For 100+ years we have had taxation of income, and progressive taxation of income. We have instituted multiple sorts of government programs with the stated intent of exterminating poverty. Our government now bears an amount of debt on par with the economic output of the entire country, much of spent for "economic justice." And what do we have as a result?

  • Poverty at the same level as it was 50 years ago.
  • A wealthy oligarchy that has extensive control over our society.
  • An enormous, dysfunctional government that is controlled by special interests (that are largely funded by the oligarchs) and that largely ignores the limits placed on it by our founders.
  • A growing dependent class of able-bodied people who consume far more than they contribute.
  • A shrinking class of righteous people.

Now both progressives and conservatives can see these things happening. Surely the Pope can as well. Why is he incapable of addressing them?