My response to the article Why you shouldn’t blame the clergy that a majority of Catholics support abortion on

I personally blame the culture and the many Nancy Pelosi Catholics who define Catholicism in terms of their own ideologies. However, I do agree with you on the general point that we must examine our consciences. And by "we" I mean all Christians or pro-lifers, especially those of us who live in the United States. Many of us are in fact guilty of letting the popular culture govern our daily lives rather than our consciences. Our side stood by idly as the forces of evil transformed our society. Often we assumed that we could wish or pray it away without taking action. Now that the evil around us is unavoidable, we are finally starting to say something. Thankfully we're winning on the sanctity of life, but we may have lost in other important areas—noticeably the sanctity of sex, the family, the God-created distinction between male and female, etc. It's easy to blame "liberals," Obama, the political parties, voters who stay home, whoever. The fact is that change must start with us humbling ourselves before God and society, admitting our faults, and then taking action.