claim: 'Pro-life organizations generally oppose contraception. This will cause dissention in the movement between those organizations and individuals who support contraception, and thus break up the movement.'
response: 'Interestingly, many pro-aborts did not discover this fact until the mid-2000s and gleefully turned this notion into a short-lived Internet meme. This shows how desperate they are. The most ardent proponents of the pro-life position tend to be devout Catholics, and the Catholic Church ardently upholds and defends its opposition to artificial contraception. But even considering that the pro-life movement contains many people who support contraception, it is laughable to think that this is a wedge issue in the movement. Actually, the sheer number of abortions and importance of life issues in the current political scene makes the debate over contraception quite petty in comparison. Furthermore, this is not a new development. Pro-life organizations, particularly those with Catholic roots, have opposed contraception since their inception. Some of these organizations predate the Roe vs. Wade decision. If this were an issue that would divide the movement, it would have done so already.'